Serving as a guide for transformation

Columbus/Westerville Area

2572 Oakstone Drive

Columbus, OH 43231

Clarence (Clay) Sherrod: MACM, LPCC

Traditional Psychotherapy


Approximately 60 minute counseling sessions in office for ages 16 and up. 

Spiritual Based Counseling/Spiritual Direction


 Counseling based on personal practices of faith and individual understandings of spirituality. Available upon request. 

About Me

Hi. My Name is Clay.

I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I graduated with my Master's Degree at The Methodist Theological School in Ohio in 2015. I have spent four years working in the field and have worked privately for over two years. I also have 14 years experience as a high school social studies teacher and 17 years working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

What I offer

I offer psychotherapy as well as spiritual based counseling or spiritual direction in a traditional office environment. I work with individuals ages 16 and up. 

Rapport is my Greatest Strength

You will notice as you first meet me that I don't fit the traditional mold of a counselor. You will notice that I am very casual and "Down to Earth". It is my belief that those who come to me are not looking for someone in a three piece suit, or someone who likes to demonstrate some sort of superiority. It is my belief that people need "human" rather than "clinical".  I am in equal standing with those that I serve. And that gives me a sense of humility in knowing that every unique individual that I work with has something to teach me too. I am vigilant, for the safety of the individuals that I serve, to protect the boundaries of the professional relationship. And yet, it's still a relationship. 

The Benefits to a private practice counselor

A more personalized experience.

Working on my own allows me to give each of my clients more hands on experience, without the obstacles of a corporation or agency and its duel focus on corporate regulations and profit. I am able to put my own focus solely on the clients I serve. 

A practice with emphasis on your own unique self.

A focus on your or your child's concerns with an emphasis on cultural and spiritual background.  

Convenient and warm office environment.

Convenient office location in the North Columbus and South Westerville Area. The office is located off of Cleveland Avenue just south from the I-270 ramp.